Monday, October 17, 2011


I am praying for Coptic Christians in Egypt, after killings and injuries on Oct. 10, 2011.  I admire their courage, and hope their taking a stand will be rewarded.

I have been planning a Bellydance Presentation & Class for "Girls Night Out" at the Vanderbilt African Student Association.  I'm great at creating extra work for myself!  I need a beer & trip to Disney World!  Yep, I'm a dork!  It has been another all dance all skate weekend!      

Goodnight.  Sleep Yay.              

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bring it, Fall!

Fall is Rakin'.  Hookah Bar Dancing, Parties, Vandy Bellydance, ooh and amazing weather.  Last weekend I did some performing at a Hookah Bar in Cookeville.  Got to see my friend Ramy.  I love the long term friends that I get to make through dancin'.  Partied at the Awesome Bebos Cafe, and ended the weekend at an Egyptian baby shower with Samweal Sam.  I'll be dancing more this weekend, and I have a few theatre auditions.  These kind of weekends give me the jitters in a good way.  Shakespeare and Egyptian Dance should make for exciting times :-)!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Welcome to my new updated website! This blog is where I'll be posting quick updates on performances, classes, etc. To my Arabic friends, I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Memories on Saturday (10:30 PM) and Bebo's on Friday and Saturday at Midnight. Until then, enjoy the site!