Friday, December 6, 2013

Randy Rhoads

RIP Randy Rhoads & Happy Birthday! My significant other showed me a photo of Randy.  This was of him while traveling with Ozzy.  He was looking through the yellow pages for some one to study with, despite that he was already amazing.  Never Stop Learning or You Will Stop Growing!  Don't get too big for your britches!  And Give Credit For Crying Out Loud!  Trust me I am watching karma work it's magic for the reverse.  

Not completed related, but it is my ramblings page.  I gave dancers opportunities to perform that they never acknowledged me for, neither then or now.  Not as they do now, where they thank their performance mates publicly and abundantly.  I am getting closer and closer to getting through my hurt from that.  On the flip side, I have come to realize, without having the troupe, I have been able to grow so much, whereas before I would have been held back.  

Things really do play out as they should.  Thank Heaven!